St Patricks Plains Wind Farm

Wind farms can generate significant economic benefits for local and regional communities.

Ark Energy is a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects, a voluntary commitment to engage respectfully with communities, be sensitive to environmental and cultural values, and make a positive contribution to the regions in which we operate. We also recognise the importance of earning social licence for the project, which has been defined as a "level of acceptance or approval continually granted to an organisation's operations or project by the local community" (Boutilier and Thomson).

We look forward to working with the communities of the Central Highlands region to deliver meaningful and lasting local benefits from the project.

Local information centre

The project has a local information centre at 16a Patrick St, on the corner of Patrick and William Streets, Bothwell (former location of the information centre for Cattle Hill Wind Farm).

It is open weekly, usually on Fridays and also by appointment, and provides up to date information, maps and photomontages, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the proposal with members of the project team. For any queries about opening times please check back here or call 1800 731 296.

Community benefits

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm has a Neighbour Benefit Program for owners of dwellings within 3 km of a wind turbine. The program involves an annual payment per wind turbine within 2 km and 3 km. If you are eligible to participate and would like more information please contact the project team via email.

The project also involves a Community Benefit Fund of $3,000 per installed wind turbine per annum for the life of the project. This would provide $141,000 (indexed) each year based on the proposed layout. Suggestions for the fund are welcome and can be sent to the project team via email.

Project updates

Connect with us

Input from community members and other interested stakeholders is welcome and valued. Drop in to the information centre in Bothwell, or submit your questions and comments via email.