Our Business

A leading Australian renewable energy company

Ark Energy is an Australian renewable energy company specialising in the greenfield development, construction and operation of utility-scale wind and solar energy generation, battery energy storage and green hydrogen production.

It is a subsidiary of Korea Zinc Co. Ltd., a global top-tier nonferrous metal company with a 25-year history in Australia through Ark Energy's sister company, the Sun Metals zinc refinery in Townsville.

Korea Zinc is focused on being an innovator and leader in the energy transition and was the first major refiner to join RE100, committing to powering its global operations from 100% renewable electricity by 2050.

Ark Energy's mandate is to facilitate the decarbonisation of Korea Zinc, starting with Sun Metals, and support the decarbonisation of other major industrial and commercial customers in hard-to-electrify sectors including nonferrous metals refining and heavy haulage transport.

The company has a renewable energy project portfolio across New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania with a total generation capacity of more than 7 gigawatts (GW). It is also at the forefront of Australia’s green hydrogen industry. Ark Energy's first major green hydrogen project, the SunHQ Hydrogen Hub in Townsville, will be one of the largest fully integrated green hydrogen production and refuelling facilities in Australia.

Ark Energy is a signatory to the Australian Clean Energy Council's Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects, a voluntary commitment to engage respectfully with communities, be sensitive to environmental and cultural values, and make a positive contribution to the regions in which it operates.

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