The Clermont Region has some of the highest levels of solar irradiation in Australia - where better to locate our first Queensland solar project. Using proven single-axis tracking solar modules, the project is expected to have one of Australia's highest per-unit energy yields and makes use of Queensland's extensive existing grid infrastructure.

Developed in partnership with UK firm Island Green Power, the 75 Megawatt (a.c.) solar power project has secured its Development and Grid Connection Approvals. Following its sale to Wirsol Energy, construction commenced in January 2018 with completion expected by end of year.

The Clermont Solar Farm, located a few kilometres south west of the town of Clermont in central Queensland, will have the capacity to generate 93MW (d.c) ot solar power into the National Energy Market (NEM). The project requires a new transmission connection to the existing Clermont substation which then connects into the main Queensland electricity grid.

The Development Approval was granted by Isaac Regional Council on Tuesday the 30th of May 2017 which allowed the 300ha of previously grazing land to now be used for electricity generation. With only a few steps left before construction can begin the project is set to start producing clean power for Queensland in 2018.

The Clermont Solar Farm was sold to Wirsol Energy in December 2017. Construction will commence in January 2018. Please contact Wirsol Energy for further inquiries.



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