Han-Ho H2 Hub

Ark Energy aims to be the world’s safest and most competitive green hydrogen producer and is at the forefront of Australia’s green hydrogen industry.

Ark Energy is part of the Hanguk-Hoju (Korea-Australia) Hydrogen (Han-Ho H2) consortium with three of Korea’s largest conglomerates, Korea Zinc, Hanwha Impact and SK Gas. The consortium is focused on establishing a green export corridor from Australia to Northeast Asia, to supply more than 1,000,000 tonnes of green ammonia per annum from North Queensland to the Republic of Korea.

The proposed location for the Han-Ho H2 Hub is between Bowen and Townsville in North Queensland. In July 2023 the Han-Ho H2 consortium signed a Heads of Agreement and announced the decision to progress the Han-Ho H2 Hub to feasibility stage. Target for completion of the feasibility study is end of Q1 2024.


Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk MP witnesses the HoA signing in Seoul by signatories for (L-R) Ark Energy, Hanwha Impact, Korea Zinc and SK Gas.