With a collaborative and iterative approach, Ark Energy teams navigate projects from planning and development through construction and into operations and maintenance. Our projects provide lasting benefits to their local communities are accelerating the clean energy transition.

Our capabilities include:

  • Identifying and screening potential sites by assessing their suitability, key risks and likely viability.
  • Preparing initial concept designs for the site (including equipment sizing, site layout, and micro-siting).
  • Identifying relevant landowners and negotiating appropriate agreements for land tenure.
  • Consulting with key stakeholders within the local community, government agencies and other interested parties.
  • Resource monitoring including selection and installation of equipment and managing the resulting environmental data.
  • Long term resource and energy yield assessment.
  • Managing development studies, planning applications and approvals.
  • Managing grid connection studies, applications and approvals.
  • Project feasibility assessment, financial modelling and power off-take negotiations.
  • Environmental compliance assessment and reporting.
  • Equipment selection and procurement for the construction phase.
  • Delivering projects through the construction phase.
  • Commissioning projects.
  • Managing and optimising the operations and maintenance phase.
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