Liverpool Range Wind Farm

The Hunter region of NSW has long delivered secure energy supply to NSW - albeit from fossil fuels. The Liverpool Range project hopes to continue that trend, but with clean wind energy, zero greenhouse gas emissions, and more jobs and other benefits to the region.

The project was designed and developed by our company as a green field project, from identification of the site, securing land, developing the site layouts and carrying out detailed site assessment required for development approvals.

The proposed Liverpool Range Wind Farm would involve the construction and operation of up to 267 wind turbines with a combined output of around 1000 MW, together with the associated control and maintenance buildings, civil works and electrical infrastructure required to connect into the existing transmission network.

The Project is to be located across three shires. Wind turbines would be located in the Warrumbungle & Upper Hunter Shires, between the townships of Coolah and Cassilis, approximately 370 km north of Sydney. The transmission line connections to the south of the site located in the LGA of Mid Western Regional Council.

The area is generally used for farming and grazing operations. In addition, mining leases and permits cover the majority of the site area, although the only large scale operations to date are in the vicinity of Ulan to the south.

Our company has been active in this region for more than 7 years, and has found a very receptive local community. A large number of landowners are involved with the project, and discussions with landowners and the community in general are continuing now that the project has been approved.