Sun Metals Solar Farm

Our group’s journey in renewable energy commenced in 2018 when Sun Metals invested $200 million to build its 143MWAC solar farm, which at the time produced approximately one third of the refinery’s required electricity.  The solar farm services the refinery’s heavy electricity requirements and will provide approximately 25% of its electricity needs following completion of Sun Metals’ expansion project. 

The solar farm houses approximately 1.26 million solar PV modules which converts the collected DC power through 52 large scale outdoor inverters to AC power, which is utilised by the refinery and electricity network.  The output of the farm is the equivalent to powering 30,000 homes, which is a major energy contributor to the Townsville region.

  • Registered capacity of 121 MW­AC.
  • Largest integrated industrial use solar farm in Australia.
  • Accounts for 22% of the Sun Metals’ zinc refinery’s power supply.
  • The Solar Farm has approximately 1.26 million solar PV modules.