Gullen Range Wind Farm

The 165.5 megawatt Gullen Range Wind Farm is located approximately 20km west of Goulburn, NSW. The project was designed and developed by our company as a green field project, from identification of the site, securing land, developing the site layouts and carrying out detailed site assessment through to completion of development approvals and grid connection approvals.

Gullen Range has now been built by Goldwind and on commissioning was the largest wind farm in NSW.

The site is broadly broken into two sections with the Kialla and Bannister sections to the north and the Pomeroy and Gurrundah sections to the south. Situated on the Great Dividing Range on a generally north-south oriented ridgeline, the distance from the northernmost proposed turbine location in the Kialla region, to the southernmost location in the Gurrundah region is 22km. The turbines are strategically located on elevated ground or on ridges for the best wind exposure.

A total of 73 wind turbines were approved by the NSW Government.

The substation is located in the centre of the site for connection to the 330kV network owned by TransGrid. Associated infrastructure and facilities include a substation and office space, underground power and telecommunications cablings, wind monitoring towers and access tracks.

Within the first six months of operation, Gullen Range Wind Farm produced enough green energy to offset the amount of energy (CO2-equivalent) that was used to manufacture the turbines. In each year of operation the Gullen Range Wind Farm will offset 445,000t of CO2, and help NSW and Australia to meet its energy demand using renewable sources.

Gullen Range Wind Farm was sold to Goldwind Australia in January 2011. Construction began in 2012 and the wind farm was completed in December 2014.



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