The cotton-growing Nevertire region has excellent solar irradiation combined with a strong electricity network - and will soon be the home of our largest solar project. Using proven single-axis tracking solar modules, the project is expected to deliver amongst Australias lowest-cost solar power.

Developed in partnership with UK firm Island Green Power, the 105 Megawatt (a.c.) solar power project has now secured its Development Approvals and is targeted for construction in 2018.

Our company proposed to construct a 105MW (a.c) solar farm at Nevertire, NSW. The solar farm would be located approximately 1km west from Nevertire and would be accessed from the Mitchell Highway. The project would generate renewable electricity which will feed into the national electricity grid.

The project would use standard, flat solar photovoltaic (“PV”) modules. These are the same type of modules commonly used on residential rooftops. The modules would either be ‘fixed’ mounted or ‘tracking’. Tracking frames move every minute or so in order to ensure that the modules are always facing the sun. The panels would be mounted on steel frames and these pile driven into the ground, requiring minimal ground disturbance. A transmission line (colocated where possible) would connect the solar farm to the existing substation within Nevertire.

The Development Consent for the project was granted by the Minister for Planning on the 5th of July 2017 which means that the construction of the Nevertire Solar Farm is set to commence by the end of the year.