Silverton Wind Farm

Our largest project to date, and where better for it than spacious western NSW. The Silverton site was first identified in late 2006, and the project jointly developed with input from Macquarie Capital to allow for up to 1000 megawatts to be built.

With the first stage of 200 MW built by AGL, Silverton is now making use of outback winds and providing clean energy to one of Australia's largest electricity retailers.

Silverton Wind Farm has the potential to be one of the largest on-shore wind projects in the world. Located 25km north west of Broken Hill, New South Wales, it is one of Australia’s largest wind farm development sites with Project Approval for 282 turbines and Concept Approval for a further 316 turbines.

With a potential operational capacity in excess of 1,000MW, the wind farm would generate approximately 4.5% of New South Wales’ total power consumption at the time of development. In a typical year, the electricity generated from the site would be equivalent to the consumption of over 430,000 NSW homes.

Silverton Wind Farm would contribute to the generation of renewable energy in New South Wales, allowing for a reduction of approximately 3,500,000 tonnes per annum of greenhouse gas emissions in NSW.

If built in its entirety Silverton Wind Farm would contribute more than $700 Million to the regional economy, providing significant jobs and local, regional and national economic benefits.

The Silverton Wind Farm development was sold to AGL in 2012, with construction commencing early in 2017.



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