Bowmans Creek Wind Farm

The Hunter has long been the energy capital of NSW. As existing coal-fired power stations age, the region is well placed to continue this tradition and benefit from economic growth through clean energy generation.

The Bowmans Creek Wind Farm will involve 54 wind turbines and associated operation and maintenance buildings, civil works and electrical infrastructure required to connect it to the existing transmission network.

The project is located approximately 10 km east of Muswellbrook and 185 km north of Sydney. It would span three council areas with most wind turbines proposed for the Muswellbrook Shire and Singleton Council areas, and a small number for the Upper Hunter Shire Council area. Communities around the site include Hebden, Muscle Creek, McCully’s Gap, Rouchel Brook, Bowmans Creek and Goorangoola.

The site and surrounding area is currently used for farming and grazing and the region supports a number of coal mines and two coal fired power stations. This project would continue the area's tradition as an important source of energy generation in NSW.

Project Strip WF -  Bowmans Creek 2880