Community information session - Marlborough

Information session in Marlborough

An information session for the Boomer Green Energy Hub was held on Wednesday 10 May at Marlborough Community Hall, to give interested local residents and other community members an opportunity to discuss the proposal with the project team.

The project team thanks everyone who took the time to attend. We hope it was informative and appreciate the feedback we received.

Below are links to download the presentation and information materials that were shared.

Presentation - Boomer Green Energy Hub Information Session, 10 May 2023

Boomer Green Energy Hub - Project Overview (May 2023)

Information Sheet - Environmental Assessment (May 2023)

Information Sheet - Involving the Community (May 2023)

Information Sheet - Changing Energy Market (May 2023)

Information Sheet - Job Opportunities (May 2023)

Map - Site Layout (May 2023)

Map - Transport Route (May 2023)

Map - Zone of Visual Influence (ZVI) (May 2023)

Map - Noise Contours (May 2023)

Photomontages have been done to show what the proposed wind farm would look like from example public viewpoints. Photomontages are produced using specialist industry software and based on precise distances and the dimensions of the proposed wind turbine to provide accurate scale.

BGEH Photomontage - from intersection of Marlborough and Clifton Roads

BGEH Photomontage - from Apis Creek Road, Mount Gardiner

BGEH Photomontage - from Apis Creek Road

BGEH Photomontage - from Apis Creek Road, Balcomba

BGEH Photomontage - from Karramarra Road

BGEH Photomontage - from Glenroy-Marlborough Road nr intersection with Morbank Road, Glenroy