Wooroora Station Wind Farm

Wooroora Station Wind Farm is proposed for a cattle grazing property about 15 km south of Ravenshoe in north Queensland. The project involves 42 wind turbines with a generation capacity of 294 megawatts of clean renewable energy. The proposal has evolved over the past two years and presents a huge opportunity to improve the habitat values of private land next to a world heritage area.

Wooroora Station Wind Farm - Overview (PDF)

  • More than 4,000 hrs of ecology and survey work and 3,000 hrs of consultation with community and ecology stakeholders.
  • Complete avoidance of most sensitive environmental areas on the property including patches of intact wet sclerophyll forest contiguous with the world heritage area and all known magnificent brood frog habitat.
  • Precautionary 1 km buffer to the wet tropics boundary (science suggests 450 m is maximum required to avoid edge effects).
  • Rehabilitation of minimum 70% of the initial disturbance, focused on habitat for key species.
  • First Nations-led integrated pest management and fire management programs to manage widespread feral pests (pigs, dogs, cats) and invasive weeds (Lantana camara, Candy leaf, Siam weed).
  • 1,255 hectares of protected magnificent brood frog reserves and $250,000 for research to improve knowledge of the species.
  • Environmental offset management areas up to 24 times the size of the initial disturbance – to protect key patches of wet sclerophyll, improve connectivity between Koombooloomba National Park and Yourka Reserve Nature Refuge, and improve potential habitat for magnificent brood frog, northern greater glider, spectacled flying-fox, masked owl and koala.

Hear from the project’s Traditional Owners and lead ecologist about the design evolution of Wooroora Station Wind Farm to achieve nature positive outcomes and the opportunities it presents for local First Nations people.

See the letters and videos of support for the project from the Jirrbal Traditional Owners, Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, Tablelands Regional Council and some of the region's largest employers here. These organisations and individuals represent hundreds of people from the science, business and local communities.

The proposal has been approved by the Queensland Government and is awaiting a decision by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

Questions and feedback are welcome at any time. The project has a local information hub at 55 Grigg St, Ravenshoe, open weekly on Thursdays and by appointment. Or contact the project team at any time via email.

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