Council Welcomes Silverton Wind Farm Announcement

Broken Hill City Council has welcomed the announcement today by NSW Premier Nathan Rees that the first stage of the Silverton Wind Farm project has received NSW Government approval.

Premier Nathan Rees said the first stage of the $2.2 billion wind farm project will deliver 282 wind turbines which will generate enough green energy to power around 200,000 households.

“This project will have a significant positive economic, social and environmental impact on the regional economy and leave a long lasting imprint on the City’s and region’s capacity to provide a sustainable future for our community,” Broken Hill City Council General Manager Mr Zaknich said.

Silverton Wind Farm represents one of the largest on-shore renewable wind energy projects in the world and has the potential to provide electricity to three states across the country.

The project will deliver 700 jobs to the Broken Hill area during the five-year construction period and 120 jobs during operation of the project.

Construction of the wind farm will be in two stages. Stage two of the proposal includes a further 316 turbines and a 305-kilometre power line linking the Silverton Wind Farm to Victoria’s Red Cliffs substation and requires further environmental assessment and approval.

Mr Zaknich said, not only was it exciting that the Far West NSW Region had an opportunity to contribute to a project with such significant environmental benefit, but it was also projected that the Wind Farm would contribute more than $700M to the regional economy.

“It provides us with the opportunity to expand the City’s industry base, provide employment and training for the local workforce and increase the region’s skill capacity by supporting strong and diverse employment in Broken Hill and the surrounding region,” Mr Zaknich said.

The flow on effect of such a large investment means that employment will be created in a number of sectors including construction, Property and Business Services, Retail Trade and Wholesale Trade.

“Already a major regional service centre, Broken Hill is ready to embrace this significant opportunity. Broken Hill City Council is committed to working with the Epuron, State and Federal Governments, the business community and the education and training sectors to develop opportunities and strategies to up skill workers, attract investors and assist local businesses to enhance opportunities for growth generated by this significant renewable energy project.

“Council will also work with the human service sectors such as health, education and community services to ensure the region has the appropriate services to maintain the needs of a growing workforce and their families,” Mr Zaknich said.

Mr Zaknich said council acknowledged the considerable effort of the NSW Government, Epuron and land holders in securing the necessary land use agreements to ensure that the project moved forward.

“The Silverton Wind Farm project presents a large-scale environmental, economic and social opportunity for Broken Hill and the Far West NSW Region and Council looks forward to being a partner in developing strategies and opportunities to ensure that the maximum potential benefits can be recognised,” Mr Zaknich said.