Bowmans Creek Wind Farm Update - April 2023

New project owner

In May 2022 Ark Energy completed its friendly acquisition of Epuron, the proponent for the Bowmans Creek Wind Farm, and in October 2022 the Epuron brand was retired.

Ark Energy is an Australian subsidiary of Korea Zinc, the world’s largest producer of zinc and the first major refiner to join RE100 and commit to powering its global operations from 100% clean energy by 2050.

There are no changes to plans for the Bowmans Creek Wind Farm as a result of the change in ownership.

Project update

In early 2022 Ark Energy responded to submissions on the Development Application and Environmental Impact Statement, and made a number of changes to the proposal to reduce environmental impacts. Since then Ark Energy has also responded to further requests for additional information from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), to assist DPE in finalising its assessment.

Ark Energy is also in discussions with Upper Hunter, Singleton and Muswellbrook Shire Councils about the project’s Community Enhancement Fund and with landowners to finalise plans for the powerline.

Community benefits

Wind farms generate significant economic benefits for local and regional communities including jobs, contract work and patronage for businesses and retail.

Bowmans Creek Wind Farm involves a range of benefits to provide meaningful and lasting benefits to residents and property owners in the local community.

The project’s Community Enhancement Fund has been increased to $686 per installed megawatt – or $3,842 per wind turbine – per year, indexed to CIP, from the start of generation and for the life of the wind farm. Based on the current proposed layout of 56 wind turbines this would amount to more than $215,000 per annum.

Resident owners of a dwelling within 5 km of an installed wind turbine are also eligible for a Neighbour Agreement (within 3.3km) or to participate in the project’s Neighbour Benefit Program (within 3.3-5km). More details are available on the project website’s Community page.

It is also estimated that the project would generate at least $114 million expenditure in the regional economy and create up to 150 jobs during construction.

We look forward to continuing to work with local stakeholders and community members to deliver meaningful and lasting local benefits from the project.

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