Western Plains Wind Farm Update - September 2022

Acquisition of Epuron by Ark Energy

Following a sale agreement between Epuron and Ark Energy Corporation in December 2021 and the agreement receiving regulatory approvals, Ark Energy completed a friendly acquisition of Epuron earlier this year. Ark Energy is an Australian subsidiary of Korea Zinc, the world’s largest zinc, lead and silver producer.

Epuron’s project portfolio and team are now part of Ark Energy which plans to develop, build, own and operate a large renewable energy portfolio. Epuron’s current projects, including the Western Plains Wind Farm, are unchanged by the acquisition. Any queries about the acquisition should be directed to the project team via

Update on proposal

Work on the Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) is continuing. The DPEMP has been drafted in accordance with the Project Specific Guidelines issued for the project by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA Tasmania). The EPA Tasmania recently extended the timeframe for submission to enable completion of the required documentation.

We will update the community when we have more information on timing of the submission and anticipated exhibition period

Download the full project update:

Western Plains Wind Farm Update - September 2022