St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - March 2022

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who attended the noise assessment briefings and information session held in the Central Highlands in February. More than 80 local residents and property owners from areas around the project site and other interested community members attended over four sessions.

Each session featured a presentation by a specialist from Marshall Day Acoustics on the noise modelling and assessment process, and the methods used and predictive noise modelling results for the project.

Epuron held multiple smaller sessions to manage COVID protocols and in response to requests from community members for quieter, smaller information sessions with more equitable opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and engage in meaningful discussion.

The presentation and information material shared at the sessions are available here.

Noise limits and predictions

At the sessions it was explained that the noise assessment requirements and noise limits for the project are outlined in the Project Specific Guidelines issued by the Environment Protection Authority Tasmania (EPA).

The results of the predictive noise modelling showed that the project would be well within, and therefore compliant with, the prescribed noise limit of 40 dB at non involved receiver locations. This noise limit was queried by an attendee who noted that it may have changed from 40 dB to 35 dB based on an EPA Board meeting communique from August 2020. Epuron is in contact with the EPA to clarify the noise limit for the St Patricks Plains Wind Farm and will advise the community if there is any change. Importantly, the project easily complies with the prescribed noise limit of 40 dB for all residences at Penstock, Shannon Wilburville and Flintstone, and along Arthurs Lake Road, and would also comply with a 35 dB limit should that be required.

Meanwhile the project team continues to finalise the development application and Environmental Impact Statement in preparation for lodgement.

Epuron and Ark Energy

In other news, Epuron has signed a sale agreement with Ark Energy Corporation Pty Ltd, an Australian subsidiary of Korea Zinc Co. Ltd. A number of steps must be completed before the sale is finalised and plans for the St Patricks Plains Wind Farm will not be affected by the change in ownership.

More information on Ark Energy is available at

St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Update - March 2022