Guildford Wind Farm Project Introduction

Wind in the forest

Epuron is investigating an area in Tasmania’s north west for a proposed wind farm.

The site, called Guildford Wind Farm, is approximately 7km north east of Waratah and 15km south of Hampshire, in the Waratah Wynyard Council area. It is currently used for commercial forestry plantation and seems particularly suitable for a wind farm because:

  • there is a good wind resource
  • it is close to the existing high voltage transmission network
  • it is adjacent to the Ridgley and Murchison Highways for good transport access
  • forestry and wind farming are compatible land uses
  • it is away from populated areas, reducing the likelihood of amenity impacts.

The proposed project is at an early stage. The next step is the submission of a Notice of Intent to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Tasmania, and a referral to the Commonwealth under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), to receive assessment guidelines and commence the dual planning process with the State and Local Governments. Following this, various detailed studies will be done over 12-24 months in preparation for a development proposal. Throughout the process updates will be provided to the local community, other stakeholders.

The Guildford Wind Farm, with up to 80 turbines, would contribute a long-term, low cost source of electricity to the Tasmanian grid and support Tasmania’s renewable energy target of 200% by 2040.

Consulting with the community

Epuron wants to engage with the community, including neighbours, residents of the broader region, visitors, Councils and other interested stakeholders throughout the planning process.

Opportunities for consultation throughout the process will include project updates, meetings and information sessions.

In the event that meetings or information sessions cannot be held locally due to travel or distancing restrictions, they will be held online.

We look forward to hearing from and meeting interested members of the community, and working together to maximise the benefits of this project for the local and regional areas.

Guildford Wind Farm - Project Introduction - September 2020