Project issued with assessment requirements

Project receives SEARs from NSW Government

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) has issued Planning Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for the Doughboy Wind Farm.

Issued for all wind farm developments that are considered State significant, the SEARs outline the general and technical assessment requirements for the project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), based on the project’s Scoping Report which includes a proposal for 55 wind turbines and associated infrastructure.

Key matters identified for assessment by the SEARs are landscape and visual impact, noise and vibration, biodiversity, heritage, transport, water and soils, air quality, hazards and risks, waste, and social and economic impacts.

While studies for the EIS are underway, the local community and other key stakeholders will be consulted for their input on the project through meetings and public information sessions.

Daniel Jacobs, project manager for the Doughboy Wind Farm, said he is pleased the SEARs have been issued and is now eager for the impact assessment work to get underway: “We are looking forward to progressing the practical onsite studies for the project’s assessment and further building our relationships within the local community to accommodate local concerns and priorities”.

The planning status of the project and associated documents including the SEARs are available from the Doughboy Wind Farm page in the NSW Government's Major Projects Portal.