Hellyer Wind Farm draft EIS guidelines

Comment invited on project's assessment guidelines

Draft guidelines for Hellyer Wind Farm's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) have been published by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

EIS Guidelines, prepared by the Board, identify the key issues which, based on the information in the project's Notice of Intent, are expected to be key issues for the assessment of the proposal.

The Notice of Intent documents, outline of the proposal and draft EIS guidelines are all available on the Hellyer Wind Farm page on EPA Tasmania's assessment portal.

The guidelines are on exhibition and public comment invited until Sunday 13 November 2022.

Submissions on the draft guidelines must be forwarded in writing to:
Board of the Environment Protection Authority
GPO Box 1550
or by email to:​

At the end of the consultation period, public comments will be considered and the EPA will finalise the guidelines for the proposed development.