Collinsville Green Energy Hub Project Introduction - October 2022

Collinsville to play a role in Queensland’s energy transition

Major renewable energy company Ark Energy is set to establish a significant utility-scale renewable energy project near Collinsville, south-west of Bowen in north Queensland.

The project, called the Collinsville Green Energy Hub, involves harnessing the wind and solar resources across a number of large grazing properties, and has the potential to generate
up to 3,000 megawatts of clean, green energy.

The project recently ‘toll-gated’ to the next stage of the feasibility study, referred to as the final development stage. This involves advancing significant studies including civil and electrical design, installation of meteorological masts, deployment of additional mobile wind monitoring units, ecological surveys, initiation of planning and environmental approvals, and plans for grid connection. This follows early feasibility studies including landholder engagement, Autumn ecology surveys, wind resource monitoring, and conceptual civil and electrical design.

Ark Energy is engaging with a broad cross section of stakeholders as part of detailed stakeholder and community engagement plans, and the proposal will be subject to a rigorous assessment process under both the Queensland Government and Australian Government.

Opportunities to be involved

The Collinsville Green Energy Hub project team looks forward to hearing from and meeting interested members of the community, and working together to maximise the benefits of this project for the local and regional areas.

An information hub for the project is being established at 45 Railway Road in Collinsville. This will provide convenient access to information and members of the project team.

Project updates will also be issued regularly and there will be plenty of opportunities to provide input through local information sessions. The project team can also be contacted directly at any time by phone on 1800 731 296 or email to

Download the Collinsville Green Energy Hub Newsletter - October 2022