Ark Energy welcomes Marinus Link announcement

Ark Energy welcomes joint announcement to deliver Marinus Link

Ark Energy has welcomed the recent announcement by the Australian and Tasmanian governments that they will work together to deliver the Marinus Link transmission project.

On 19 October 2022, the Albanese and Rockliff Governments signed a Partnership to jointly fund the project, with investment from the Australian Government’s Rewiring the Nation plan.

Ark Energy has more than 1,000 megawatts (MW) of potential renewable energy generation under development in Tasmania, part of the portfolio it acquired with the purchase of renewable energy developer Epuron earlier this year.

Ark Energy CEO Daniel Kim said the company welcomed the announcement and supported a stronger interconnection for Tasmania with the mainland.

“We are excited about the substantial benefits this catalytic project will deliver for Tasmania and the mainland,” said Mr Kim.

“Marinus Link will unlock the next wave of renewable energy development in Tasmania, which will deliver low cost, reliable and clean energy for Tasmanian households, businesses, existing industries and new emerging industries.

"Marinus Link will provide greater energy security for Tasmanians, effectively weatherproofing existing hydro assets and unlocking their full potential. This will provide a greater opportunity for the State to trade an extremely valuable commodity back to the mainland, generating prosperity for Tasmania to fund critical infrastructure and services.”

Ark Energy’s General Manager for Development in Tasmania, Donna Bolton, said the announcement is great news for Tasmanians and will clarify the context of renewable energy projects in Tasmania for host communities where projects are in development.

“We believe that this Marinus Link announcement will signal a clear direction for renewable energy projects in the State. Projects will be developed within a regulatory process that will work to deliver new wind farms and protect the natural values loved by both Tasmanians and Australians who visit the island,” said Ms Bolton.

Ark Energy currently has three utility-scale wind projects under development in Tasmania:

  • St Patricks Plains Wind Farm, located in the Central Highlands, has a potential generation capacity of up to 300 MW. Lodgement of development application with Central Highlands Council is anticipated for Q1 2023.
  • Guildford Wind Farm, located near Waratah in the North West, has a potential generation capacity of up to 450 MW. Lodgement of development application with Waratah Wynyard Council is anticipated for Q4 2024
  • Hellyer Wind Farm, located south of Burnie in the North West, has a potential generation capacity of up to 300 MW. Lodgement of development application with Burnie City Council is anticipated for Q4 2025.