Western Plains Wind Farm Update

Latest News on the Western Plains Wind Farm

Epuron’s proposed Western Plains Wind Farm consists of up to 12 wind turbines on a freehold cattle grazing property at the tip of the Stanley peninsula in North West Tasmania.

The wind farm would be 4.5 km from the township of Stanley in the Circular Head Council area and would connect to the Port Latta substation via an underground cable. As our detailed analysis of the project has continued, we have removed one turbine from the layout to maximise the exposure to the wind and still make the most efficient use of the connection capacity of the wind farm. So the current layout has 12 turbines rather than 13, and this is the layout for which we will be seeking planning consent from Council.

Our ongoing focus has been on the route of the underground powerline which will connect the wind farm to the Port Latta substation. Together with TasNetworks who will build, own and operate the underground powerline, we have identified a route that takes all known constraints into consideration and minimises impacts to the community and the environment.

Changes to the Wind Farm Community Fund

The project originally proposed to establish a community fund of $2,000 per annum per wind turbine installed. We were excited to hear the diverse ideas and enthusiasm in the community for the fund. After discussions with many people, business and tourism organisations and further to the reduction in the number of turbines to 12, we have decided to increase the fund from $2,000 to $3,000 per annum per installed turbine.

  • This could result in a fund of $36,000 each year for the life of the wind farm (up to $900,000 over 25 years) for 12 turbines.
  • Payments into the fund would start at commissioning of the wind farm.

We will continue to engage with Council and the community regarding the practical aspects of the establishment and operation of the community fund.

Western Plains Wind Farm - Newsletter 6 - June 2020