Western Plains Wind Farm Newsletter

For the last couple of months Epuron has been working on finalising the development application for the Western Plains Wind Farm. The Community Information Day in September 2018 was an important aspect of this. It has been a great opportunity to get feedback and understand the concerns of the local community.

Finalising Connection Arrangements for the Wind Farm

Finalising arrangements for connection of the wind farm to the Port Latta electricity substation is the main focus of our activities. The Epuron team thanks all of those who have willingly engaged with us in discussion to enable this connection, it is much appreciated.

Completing the connection arrangement will allow the Development Application and Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) to be lodged with Circular Head Council and the EPA for assessment.

Community Wind Farm Fund

Epuron recognises that a wind farm is a change to the landscape in which the local community lives. A wind farm also comes with benefits including a boost to the local economy through construction jobs and flow through spending on food, accommodation, fuel and other local services.

We look forward to a discussion with the community about how best to structure this fund – how the committee would be run, how to appoint the members and the kinds of projects it should fund so a charter can be developed.

Western Plains Newsletter - March 2019