MEDIA RELEASE: Epuron Begins Investigations of Further Potential for Wind Power in the Yass Region

Epuron has commenced investigation into the feasibility of a wind farm to the west and south west of Yass in the NSW Southern Tablelands.

The area under investigation encompasses ridgeline areas along parts of Black Range, the Coppabella Hills and Carrolls Ridge. Epuron expects there will be strong and consistent local wind speeds on the elevated areas that would be suitable for wind energy generation.

The current investigation activities will enable Epuron to determine the wind farm configuration including turbine numbers and locations prior to presenting its concept plan to the community.

“With careful consideration and planning, Epuron believes the wind farm can be developed with positive benefits to the environment and community,” Project Director Simon Davey said.

“Epuron values the input of the local community, the Council and other stakeholders in the planning of this project. Community consultation, at each stage of the process, will be incorporated into the project - including newsletters, open houses and media releases.

“The wind farm will be assessed under Part 3A of the Environmental Protection and Assessment Act, therefore the consent authority is the NSW Minister for Planning.

“Investigations will include measurement of wind speeds at several locations and then assessment of noise propagation, flora and fauna (including bird and bat) investigations, assessment of aboriginal and European heritage values, visual impact studies (including photomontages to show what the wind farm might look like) and traffic and communications studies,” Mr Davey said.

There is a necessity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and wind farms provide efficient and reliable generation of clean renewable electricity into the electricity network. As costs associated with coal powered generation increase (and the price of carbon is factored in) renewable energy will play a significant role in meeting NSW’s future energy needs.

Wind farms are good news for the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking pressure off power stations that are suffering under drought and water shortages. They also bring jobs and investment to rural and regional NSW.

“By bringing forward this new project, not only do we ensure that this investment occurs within NSW, we also provide the capacity for a region like the Yass Valley to establish ongoing, long term, sustainable jobs through related service, construction and manufacturing industries,” Epuron’s Executive Director Andrew Durran said.

Further community updates will be regularly made as the project proceeds. A community consultation day will be arranged later in the year to present details of the project.